Fixstars completes Linux OS integration for AFRL PS3® Cluster

18 November, 2010

Fixstars Solutions, Inc a developer of simulation and video processing software for multicore technologies has deployed its integrated Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux OS on the Air Force Research Lab's 2,016 node PS3® cluster.

Fixstars to Release "Yellow Dog Linux for CUDA"

20 July, 2010

Fixstars is excited to announce the release of both an updated and a LiveDVD version of its Linux distribution for optimal GPU computing, Yellow Dog Linux for NVIDIA CUDA v6.2.1. Yellow Dog Linux for CUDA is now free to all users.

Fixstars to Release "OpenCL Programming Book" Introduction to OpenCL

7 April, 2010

Fixstars Corporation announced the release of their OpenCL Programming Book which is available on Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and Fixstars' website. The book is a result of the collaboration of our team of engineers in providing a practical and easy to use tool for OpenCL programming. It starts with the basics of parallelization, covering the main concepts, techniques, and setting up a development environment for OpenCL.

The First Enterprise Linux OS for Optimal GPU Computing

3 March, 2010

Fixstars releases "Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux for CUDA", the first enterprise Linux OS optimized for GPU computing. YDEL for CUDA offers end users, developers and integrators a faster, more reliable, and less complex GPU computing experience.