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    Fixstars Linux Solutions
    Fixstars has been developing Linux solutions since 1999, most
    notably it’s Yellow Dog Linux product for the Apple PowerMac
    and Sony PLAYSTATION® 3. As the popularity of PowerPC waned,
    Fixstars focused on providing a variety of private label Linux
    and Android solutions for x86 and ARM across multiple industries.

Fixstars Linux Solutions





We provided an EL6 variant for ARMv7 by recompiling Centos packages, fixing all platform specific problems, and then rebuilt the Anaconda installer to deploy a Marvell ArmadaXP development board.

On a custom hardware device, Fixstars was able to achieve a 50% improvement in the time it took for the device to load the Linux kernel and start the primary application, the total time being under 3 seconds. This involved both modifying the user space initialization scripts as well as the Linux kernel itself.


Our most notable HPC deployment was "Condor", the 2000+ node PLAYSTATION® 3 cluster at the Air Force Research Lab in Rome NY. Fixstars created a custom OtherOS boot loader that could effectively PXE boot the PS3s and a multi-tier deployment network.

Since then, Fixstars has deployed several smaller 32-256 node clusters in a variety of industries including finance and biomedical.

Fixstars helped another company created a robust Linux distribution for an HPC appliance server. The project used Cobbler, Puppet, Nagios to deploy and monitor Hadoop on 12-316 tightly coupled systems. This required the use of many unique methods to improve security, reliability, and performance of the system while maintaining familiarity of use.


Just as Fixstars is able to optimize your user space application with our extensive knowledge and in house tools, we have a similar experience in improving device drivers when their performance does not achieve expected or theoretical levels.

In many cases, Fixstars has helped customers integrate their low level hardware devices with upstream platforms and services by developing a vertically integrated set of libraries, APIs, and applications.

Fixstars has developed both CLI and GUI multiplatform applications that interact with native, original device drivers using ioctl, sgio with SCSI and SATA command sets, and SD_IO APIs. These utilities allow end users to change the behavior of the device, update the device’s firmware, or simply provide device information.

Inquiries About Linux Solutions

If you are interested in other Fixstars Linux Solutions, please feel free to contact us here.
Our experts will contact you to help customize the best solution for your company.

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