Terra Soft, Fixstars Provide Power Linux for the Latest Cell/B.E. Board in Japan

Yellow Dog Linux a Official Support OS for the GigaAccel 180

TOKYO, Japan - 16th September 2008 - Terra Soft Solutions of Loveland, Colorado, USA and Fixstars Corporation of Tokyo, Japan today announce "Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux for the GigaAccel 180". Fixstars will provide Yellow Dog Linux as the official, supported OS, coupled with enterprise level Linux support for the IBM PowerXCell 8i Accelerator Board "GigaAccel 180" .

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GigaAccel 180 is an accelerator board with the latest Cell Broadband Engine microprocessor "IBM PowerXCell 8i" marketed by Fixstars, a pioneering company of Cell/B.E. solutions. The astonishing 180 GFLOPS single precision and 90 GFLOPS double precision performance by the Cell/B.E. chip is made readily available through integration with a PCIe based PC workstation. Large scale clustering systems need not be built to run applications that require heavy arithmetic processing, such as financial modeling, computer diagnostic imaging, and video compression.

"Yellow Dog Linux" developed by Terra Soft Solutions is a Linux distribution dedicated to the Power architecture. Terra Soft has for nearly a decade delivered the leading Linux OS for the Power architecture, supporting Apple PowerPC, IBM System p, and PLAYSTATIONR 3 which is equipped with Cell/B.E., PowerPC derived CPU. Terra Soft will provide Fixstars with license to pre-install Yellow Dog Linux onto the GigaAccel 180 and support Fixstars where the Yellow Dog Linux operating system is concerned.

"Fixstars historic experience with optimizing code for the Cell microprocessor is a perfect door opener into the provision of this integrated hardware and software solution," said Kai Staats, CEO of Terra Soft Solutions. "The collaboration between our two teams will result in an unbeatable combination of engineering expertise for the operating system, application optimization, and delivery of turn-key systems built upon the GigaAccel 180."

"We are very confident with the Terra Soft product offering and support with their nearly ten years of experience and customer success," said Satoshi Miki, Fixstars CEO. "By our own validation, their Yellow Dog Linux product is the best solution available for the Cell chipset utilizing GigaAccel 180."

"The Terra Soft Solutions offering provides an easy point of entry to high performance computing for the Fixstars GigaAccel 180 PCIe solution," said Paula Richards, IBM's Director of Cell Systems and Solutions. "Yellow Dog Linux operating system provides an effective delivery vehicle for the IBM Software Development Kit for Multicore Acceleration. Combining this with Fixstars' proven application expertise, will help customers quickly exploit the power of the platform and achieve tangible success."

Fixstars will provide a license for "Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux for GigaAccel 180" at 45,000 Yen per year, in Japan. To mark this announcement, Fixstars is holding a special campaign until the end of this year which offers the first year for free, for first-time GigaAccel 180 customers.

About Fixstars Corporation

Founded in 2002, Fixstars is a leader in software development specializing in multi-core processors. Fixstars provides solutions mainly in financial, medical, industrial, and digital media fields, who has benefited from increased processing speed of massive amount of data in multi-core environment.
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