Fixstars launches OpenCL software service for application developers

Professional service to support utilization of OpenCL

Tokyo, Japan - October 28, 2009 - Fixstars Corporation, a pioneering company in multi-core solutions today announced that it has launched an OpenCL software service. Fixstars provides various services to develop software based on parallel computing framework OpenCL which has high portability for HPC, desktop and embedded application developers.

OpenCL is a parallel computing framework for systems that are consisted of heterogeneous processors such as multi-core CPU, GPU, Cell/B.E., and DSP. OpenCL has been attracting a lot of attention as an efficient, highly portable, and open technology, with the support of major semiconductor chip makers and computer vendors.

The OpenCL software service provides value added support for OpenCL software development focusing mainly on optimization service. We offer porting from existing source code to OpenCL, so customers can use high computational power of hardware while keeping high portability. It also includes pre-development profiling, support from installation to production, and technical transfer.

"The environment of parallel computing is evolving in various ways such as multi-core processor. OpenCL realizes the efficiently and unified software development solution for changing hardware environment in the future", said Ryoji Tsuchiyama, lead engineer of Fixstars Corporation Software Platform group. "I truly believe that we provide high reliability OpenCL solutions with our experience of software development."

About Fixstars Corporation

Founded in 2002, Fixstars is a leader in software development specializing in multi-core processors. Fixstars provides solutions mainly in financial, medical, industrial, and digital media fields, who has benefited from increased processing speed of massive amount of data in multi-core environment.
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