Fixstars completes Linux OS integration for AFRL PS3® Cluster

Fixstars Solutions, Inc a developer of simulation and video processing software for multicore technologies has deployed its integrated Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux OS on the Air Force Research Lab's 2,016 node PS3® cluster.

Rome, New York - November 16, 2010, the Air Force Research Laboratory(AFRL) in Rome, NY awarded multicore developer Fixstars Solutions the contract to provide the Linux OS and OS management tools for its new Condor Cluster.

The cluster is composed of 2,016 PlayStation's, 1700 of which were purchased from Fixstars in early 2010. In addition to its processing super powers the system will be economically friendly with a initial cost of only $2 million dollars while providing an estimated 500 TFLOPs of performance for use in synthetic aperture radar.

Fixstars provided Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux(YDEL) modified by Fixstars for optimal performance in a large scale PS3® cluster.

The plugin is available for both Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) and Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) and works with NVIDIA CUDA SDK version 3.0, 3.1, and 3.2.

MIT Professor Michael Cusumano commented the following about the cluster; "PS3® clusters like the Air Force Research Labs Condor PS3® Cluster is a step forward to demonstrate the computational power and accessibility of economical multicore architecture game consoles, Fixstars is at the forefront of software development for multicore technologies"

Fixstars visited the Rome Research Site to assist with the first stages of software deployment as well to provide training of AFRL personnel on the processes and techniques used to manage the software on the 2,016 node cluster. Fixstars will continue to support the AFRL with OS maintenance and support through 2013.

About Fixstars Corporation

Founded in 2002, Fixstars is a leader in software development specializing in multi-core processors. Fixstars provides solutions mainly in financial, medical, industrial, and digital media fields, who has benefited from increased processing speed of massive amount of data in multi-core environment.
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