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What's FlashAir?

FlashAir is the SDHC memory card with embedded Wireless LAN functionality. Since FlashAir works as a stand alone Wireless LAN access point, FlashAir embedded devices are able to both send files to and receive files from each other. FlashAir also retains the normal functionality of an SD card, allowing general Wi-Fi devices like PCs and smartphones to access its contents.

FlashAir SD cards are available in most countries, and they have been confirmed to work with most cameras and other electronic devices.

FlashAir Developers

A technical information website for developers of Toshiba FlashAir apps or services. FlashAir Developers is operated by Fixstars in cooperation with Toshiba Corporation.

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Make Your Product Wireless.

The FlashAir is compatible with many devices, not just digital cameras. By using FlashAir instead of a normal SD card, your in-house product will be instantly able to share data with external devices like PCs and smartphones.

The FlashAir API is available for free, even for commercial uses.

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