What is M³?

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M³ (M-cubed) is a highly-optimized, easy-to-use software platform that enables developers to build multi-core, multi-node, multi-architecture applications more effectively with increased performance and reduced costs.

Composed of a set of core libraries, the M³ platform provides an ideal solution for building data analysis, image processing, financial modeling, and computer vision applications on a cross-architecture foundation that maximizes parallel processing resources, code re-use, and ease of development.


  • Reduce your engineering costs through simplified software development for parallel computing environments
  • Maximize your application's full potential with optimal use of hardware resources and processing capabilities
  • Increase your software's portability by supporting all major architectures with one highly-optimized set of libraries

Software Architecture

m-cubed architecture

M³ is composed of a framework layer of special purpose libraries built on a platform layer of parallelized, multi-threaded libraries optimized for arithmetic calculations, image processing, and complex simulation computing. The M³ platform resides between application logic and hardware architecture.

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Behind the Birth of M³


M³ was developed in response to the rapid growth of multi-core processing. It's designed to provide an efficient solution to developing software for computationally intensive tasks, while streamlining the complexities of optimizing for multi-core environments and deploying across multiple architectures.

Industry Applications


M³ offers customizable solutions for key industries where data analysis, simulations, and image processing functions place enormous demands computational resources.

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