A POWER Server for Linux Offering High Performance and Superior Energy Efficiency

Yellow Dog Appliance Server

The Yellow Dog Appliance Server is a new open standard platform for Linux applications. The 2U rackmount is equipped with two IBM POWER7 processors, and is able to deliver superior performance for the simultaneous execution of multiple applications, with workload optimization.

The Yellow Dog Appliance Server offers superior functionality for big data analysis, solutions in industrial applications, scientific technology simulations, and open source infrastructure services.

In addition, by using the Yellow Dog Appliance Server in conjunction with M³, you can extract the maximum potential of the POWER7 core with much less effort than in the past, while improving the portability of your software.

Primary Specifications

Processor IBM POWER7 processor 8 core 3.55 GHz x 2
L2 Cache 256 KB per core
L3 Cache 4 MB per core
Memory Capacity from 32 GB to 256 GB
Drives Up to 6(SAS or SSD-types)
Disc Capacity Up to 3.6 TB
Media Drive DVD-RAM drive
PCI Adapter / Slot PCI Express 8x Gen2 low profile x 5 (4 empty)
PCI Express 4x Gen2 low profile x 1 (0 empty)
Standard Ethernet Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps port x 2
Other Integrated Ports USB x 3, HMC x 2, system port x 2, SPCN x 2
Operating System Yellow Dog Linux 7
Power Requirements 200V~240 VAC, single phase
External Dimensions 89 mm (H) x 440 mm (W) x 706 mm (D)