High Performance POWER7

  • Accelerate data access and improve response time.
  • Maximize processing with fewer servers.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs by reducing the number of servers and software licenses.

Simultaneous Execution of 64 Threads


By enabling SMT (Simultaneous Multithreading), the sixteen POWER7 cores enable simultaneous execution of 64 threads. To make this possible, the POWER7 is equipped with "Intelligent Threads", a new feature that lets one physical core execute four threads.

PostgeSQL performance comparison

By using PostgreSQL 9.2.0β, processing speed is increasing even for over 8 thread.


Achieve Both High Reliability and Low Cost


Achieve superior performance, high reliability, and excellent availability, all for the price of an x86 server.
In addition, migrating to a PowerLinux based IT environment means easier construction and management because of the need for fewer servers, translating into an overall reduction in infrastructure costs. Further, by replacing x86 based Windows servers with PowerLinux and other open source software, you can dramatically reduce the cost of software licensing and upgrade fees.

Yellow Dog Linux 7 is the Smart Option


Yellow Dog Linux 7 is pre-installed (Minimum installation). Yellow Dog Linux is a Linux distribution, developed from and based on RHEL / CentOS. Since its release in 1999, we gained extensive experience in supporting computers based on the POWER architecture such as those used in Apple PowerPC products and Sony Playstation 3 game consoles.

About Yellow Dog Linux

Pre-Installed for the M³ Platform (optional)

    The following are some benefits of using M³ as your software development platform:
  • Reduce development workloads with simplified software development for parallel computing environments.
  • Achieve high-speed processing by maximizing the full performance capabilities of the POWER7 core.
  • Improve software portability through the support of several other CPUs.

What is the M³ Platform?