Important Notice:
These pages include obsolete information. We keep these pages for users of older versions of YDL.
All products on the hardware list are already EOL.

How to use this pages

This pages showcase systems which Fixstars has been contracted to support or moves to support to the best of its ability as internal resources and community involvement allow. Fixstars cannot guarantee that a particular computer, independent of what is offered below, will function at your personal, desired level. As such, please take note of the following 3 bullets:

  • On-board devices (ie: audio, USB, wireless) which are common to many systems and generally supported to the same degree are noted at the bottom of page.

  • On-board devices supported on some but not other models will be called-out as a Note.

  • On-board devices not found anywhere on the page should NOT be assumed to be supported nor functional with the following products.

Computers Supported with YDL v6.x

Fixstars' GigaAccel 180
Mercury Cell
Apple iBook G4
Apple iMac G4, G5
Apple PowerBook G4
Apple Power Mac G4
Apple Power Mac G5
Apple Xserve G4, G5
Curtiss Wright