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About Fixstars

Fixstars Solutions is a software development company that is devoted to “Speed up your Business.” Our goal is to optimize and accelerate software for businesses, universities, biologists, military technology and more. We use software parallelization, multi-core processors, and application acceleration to get the most out of your software and help you save time, money and effort in the process.

Our engineers can help your company reach new heights, and we can assess and fix any and all performance issues within your software. We have helped hundreds companies reach their goals, and we look forward to serving many more.

Fixstars Solutions is based out of Irvine, CA, and our customers include Boeing Commercial and Defense, Lockheed Martin, United States Air Force, Army, and Navy, Argonne National Lab, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, UCLA, UCI, USC, Kioxia, Sony, and Toshiba.