Press release  March 14, 2013

Geometric Performance Primitives, the world’s fastest multi-core geometry engine

Fixstars is pleased to announce the immediate release of its Geometric Performance Primitives library (GPP), the world’s fastest multi-core geometry engine.

With computational geometry tasks so important and currently established routines so inefficient, the GPP library stands to make dramatic improvements to the EDA and GIS communities. Early testing on parallelized GPU systems shows up to 25 times faster performance than reference CPUs. In addition to advanced parallelism, flexible hardware targeting, and support for boolean operations, snap rounding, and polygon relations, GPP places no artificial limits on data size, performs overlay analysis and geometry-on-geometry checks on all-angle geometry, and allows up to 53-bit coordinates.

GPP is available now. For more information, please visit our web site or contact us open_in_new.

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