Press release  August 6, 2012

Fixstars Releases M-Cubed® Platform for Accelerated Processing and Efficient Programming for Multi-Core, Multi-Node, Multi-Architecture Environments


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SUNNYVALE, CA. August 6, 2012 – Although parallel processing was viewed as the solution for high-volume computational applications, the volume of data and demand for real-time output are now posing new problems with complexity of code, portability and energy consumption.  Fixstars, a global leader in multi-core software development offers a solution to this dilemma with the North American launch of M³(M-Cubed). This new software development platform reduces development time, and increases processing performance for multi-core, multi-node, multi-architecture environments.

Nagayoshi Kobayashi, ISV Enabling Manager, Intel Japan  on the release of M³, “The latest Intel processor has the capability to manage 20 threads in one chip. The M³ platform is a unique approach to improve the processing speed of software working on such many core devices. We are looking forward to future development of M³.”

While parallel processing is the answer to the need for Big Data applications, parallel programming is significantly more difficult than sequential programming, and many applications fall short of taking full advantage of their hardware environments.  Satoshi Miki, Chief Executive Office of Fixstars said, “With every release of new hardware to the market, the ability for software developers to quickly respond to and take advantage of hardware innovations has become a key competitive advantage.”

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Since 2002, Fixstars has helped clients dramatically improve computing performance with software development, and optimization of various hardware environments such as NVIDIA / ATI GPU, ARM SoC , and Intel / AMD x86.  Fixstars has recognized the need for a platform to help developers focus on building software applications without needing to code for every specific hardware type.  The result is M³, offering a highly efficient development process producing highly optimized and portable software applications.

The demand for efficient real-time data processing and Big Data management in fields such as medical image processing, bioinformatics, computer vision, financial model simulations, and computer generated (CG) rendering will continue to grow. Satoshi Miki remarked, “There have been advances in compiler technology, but none have ever been able to meet the needs of our clients. With the release of M-Cubed, I believe that the age of software performance being handcuffed by hardware will soon come to an end.”

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