Press release  September 10, 2015

Lenovo Japan Inc. Started the Adoption of “Fixstars SSD-3000M” and “Fixstars SSD-6000M” as Its Product Options

* This press release was published by Fixstars Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, and translated into English.

Fixstars Corporation (HQ: Tokyo, CEO: Satoshi Miki, Hereafter: Fixstars) today announced that Lenovo Japan Corporation (HQ: Tokyo, CEO: Masanobu Todome, Hereafter: Lenovo) started adopting “Fixstars SSD-3000M” and “Fixstars SSD-6000M” as their Vendor Logo Hardware (VLH).

Lenovo, which has an extensive experience in providing severs focusing on data center solutions, is now collaborating with Fixstars to provide “Fixstars SSD-3000M” and “Fixstars SSD-6000M” as VLH products of Lenovo’s System x3550 M5 and System x3650 M5’s. The integration of Lenovo servers and Fixstars SSDs contributes to higher storage density and power efficiency, which is an ideal solution for data centers.

“Lenovo Japan is pleased to work with Fixstars Corporation”, said Taiko Kobayashi, the Executive Director of Enterprise business group at Lenovo Japan. “The enterprise demand for flash storage is expected to increase significantly from now on. This option has a great value for our clients who seek high density, high reliability and low cost internal flash storages. Now we are able to integrate 6TB 2.5 inch SSDs, which is the highest density flash storage in the industry, into the highly reliable Lenovo System x.”

“I am pleased that Fixstars SSD-3000M and Fixstars SSD-6000M are approved as the VLH options for System x3550 M5 and System x3650 M5, which are Lenovo’s main product lines”, said Satoshi Miki, CEO of Fixstars Corporation. “One of the unique characteristics of our SSD is its consistent high performance of sequential access, which is an important feature for data logging and general data warehouse applications. Our SSD can contribute to accelerate your enterprise business. Also, Fixstars SSD-6000M can realize 156TB*1 in 2U height, and 3PB in one server rack (42U). This highest density and highest performance solution is a real game changer.”

Fixstars keeps contributing to accelerate our client’s business with original solutions based on cutting edge technology.

*1 With System x3650 M5 having front 24 slots and rear 2 slots.

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