Press release  September 15, 2015

Rock-Solid-State Era is Coming

September 15, 2015 – Sunnyvale, CA – Fixstars Solutions Inc., an innovator in flash storage solutions, is launching its official tech blog named  “Rock-Solid-State”.

As more and more businesses such as server manufacturers, HD/4K Video recorders, big data analytics are moving its storage solutions from traditional hard disk (HDD) to flash-memory-based solid-state-drive (SSD), data storing and processing became unprecedentedly reliable and fast. Since the price for both enterprise as well as consumer-grade SSDs keeps going down over the last few years, flash storage devices have grown into a reasonable choice for both businesses and individuals.

However, the concept of flash storage is still new to the mass of the population, remaining as a superior but somehow mysterious storage option in many people’s opinion. Under such context, Fixstars’ “Rock-Solid-State” is created to answer the frequently-asked-questions about flash memory and SSDs that readers might have. Rock-Solid-State covers a wide variety of topics ranging from the advantage points of SSD over HDD, how to read a SSD’s specification sheet, to more technical readings such as understanding the NAND flash memory. This way, Team Fixstars is striving to work together with the audience to explore the emerging era of flash storage.

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