Privacy policy

Fixstars Corporation recognizes the value of personal information; therefore we have the following privacy policy in place.

  1. Fixstars will comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to personal information.
  2. Personal information of customers collected by Fixstars, especially for those without specific notification, will be used to introduce products and services from Fixstars and related companies that may be of use to the customer.
    Personal information may be provided or committed to a third party for analysis or processing of the information, or for customer feedback. These cases will be determined according to the description and size of our business.
  3. Any risk associated with activities such as unauthorized access, leaks, loss, destruction, or manipulation of personal information will be dealt with appropriately by providing reasonable safety measures.
  4. Fixstars will properly respond to requests from the individual regarding the handling of personal information such as to review and correct the information. Please contact the appropriate department.
  5. Fixstars will educate their employees on personal information, and will also have a person accountable for personal information in each department that handles personal information, in order to appropriately manage the information.
  6. Privacy protection policy will be prepared and exercised, and Fixstars will continuously endeavor to improve its compliance system.

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