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Aside from being the leader of the OpenCL team at Fixstars, I am also involved in the development of a financial application for HPC. Since my first encounter with a computer (PC-8001) as a child, my fascination with computers have gotten me through a Master's Degree with an emphasis on distributed computing, and to a career where I orchestrate a bunch of CPUs and DSPs to work together in harmony with each other. Recently, I have been dealing with distributed computing on x86 clusters, as well as parallel processing using accelerators such as Cell/B.E. and GPU.

Takashi Nakamura

I am the main developer of the OpenCL Compiler at Fixstars. I get most of my vitamins and minerals from reading datasheets and manuals of chips from different vendors, and I particularly enjoy glancing at the pages on latency/throughput, as well as memory-mapped registers. I joined Fixstars in hopes that it will help me in achieving my life goal of creating the ultimate compiler as it necessitates an in-depth understanding of parallel processing, but I have yet to come up with a good solution. I'm becoming more convinced by day, however, that I/O and memory accesses must be conquered prior to tackling parallelization.

Takuro Iizuka

I am one of the developers of the OpenCL Compiler at Fixstars. I fell in love with the wickedly awesome capability of the GPU 2 years ago, and knew at first sight she was the one. My first computer was the Macintosh Classic, for which my only memory concerning it is playing the Invader game for hours on end. I often wonder how much geekier I could have been had I grew an appreciation for QuickDraw at that time instead. That being said, I still wish to write a book on how to make a GPU at some point.

Akihiro Asahara

At Fixstars, I take part in both the development and the marketing of middlewares and OS's for multi-core processors. Between teaching numerous seminars and writing technical articles, I am constantly trying to meet some sort of a deadline. My background, however, is in Astrophysics. Back in my researching days, I worked on projects such as construction of a data collection system (Linux kernel 2.2 base!) for large telescopes, and developing a software for astronomical gamma-ray simulation (in FORTRAN!). I'm constantly thinking of ways to fit in some sort of astronomical work here at Fixstars.

Satoshi Miki

As one of the founding member, I currently serve the CEO position here at Fixstars. In 2004, I was convinced that software developing process will have to change drastically for the multi-core era, and decided to change the direction of the company to focus on the research and development of multi-core programs. Since then, I have been working hard to help spread multi-core technology that is already becoming the standard. My debut as a programmer was at the age of 25, and I am currently working on obtaining a PhD in information engineering.

About Fixstars Corporation

Fixstars Corporation is a software company that focuses on porting and optimization of programs for multi-core processors. Fixstars offers a total solution to improve the performance of multi-core based operations for fields that requires high computing power such as finance, medical, manufacturing, and digital media, using multi-core processors such as the Cell/B.E. and the GPU. Fixstars also works on spreading the multi-core technology through publication of articles introducing new technologies, as well as offer seminars. For more information, please visit open_in_new.


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