How to burn a YDL Install DVD using Mac OS X


We will discuss 2 applications to get the job done: Disc Utility and cdrecord.

Disc Utility

This application should be installed with OSX, offering a slightly less intuitive interface, but the same end result:

  • [harddrive] --> Applications --> Utilities --> DiscUtility.
  • [menus] --> Images --> Open --> [select the Install ISO number 1] --> Open.
  • [select the Install ISO from the left column] --> [select from a few options] --> Burn.

This ISO contains a patch for a boot issue on the newer model PS3.


A favorite among UNIX command line users, cdrecord offers a quick, simple means of burning CDs. While you may have cdrecord already installed with OSX, search for [cdrecord +osx] and instructions.


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