Which YDL 6.1 DVD do I download?


If you are downloading and installing YDL 6.1, you may have noticed that there are two ISOs available on and on the public mirrors:

  • yellowdog-6.1-ppc-DVD_20081119.iso
  • yellowdog-6.1-ppc-DVD_20090201_NEW_PS3.iso

This HowTo explains which one to download and install.


Download this DVD if:

  • You are installing on a newer PS3 model. This includes the 80GB PS3 (Model Number 98015 and later) and the 160GB PS3 (Model Number 900006 and later).

This ISO contains a patch for a boot issue on the newer model PS3.


Download this DVD if one of the following conditions is true:

  • You are installing on a supported device other than a PS3
  • You are installing on a earlier model PS3. This includes PS3s with Model Numbers preceding the 80GB PS3 (Model Number 98015) and the 160GB PS3 (Model Number 900006).

This ISO does not include the boot issue patch and is compatible the older model PS3s.

If in doubt...

If you are not sure of your PS3 model number, we recommend downloading the yellowdog-6.1-ppc-DVD_20081119.iso. If you encounter an issue where you are unable to boot into YDL, download the other ISO (yellowdog-6.1-ppc-DVD_20090201_NEW_PS3.iso) and follow these instructions to install the update.


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