The Shelf

The Shelf

The Shelf is a place for frequently used Applications and preferred Gadgets. By default, the Shelf appears top-center to your desktop, providing the following: YDL Menu, Ibox, Desktop Pager, and Ibar.

YDL "Start" Menu

To the far left (above) is the YDL Menu, where all Applications, System Settings, Configurations, active Windows, and session actions may be found.


To the right of the Ibox is a display of all Virtual Desktops. Icons which represent active applications on each desktop may be dragged between desktops from the Pager.

The Ibox

To the right of the YDL Menu is an initially empty box which displays an icon for each minimized application or file of an application. Selecting this icon returns the application or file to the foreground.

The Ibar

To the right of the Ibox is the Ibar where the single click launch for the default applications Terminal, FireFox, Thunderbird, Pidgin Internet Messenger, OpenOffice Writer, Calc, and Impress; and the Clock. Applications may be added or removed from the iBar at your discretion via the right-click of your mouse.

Configure the Shelf

You may customize the Shelf by placing your mouse pointer over any portion of the Shelf and right-click. Note that the subsequent menu varies depending upon where you right-click. Or, you may view all available options via the Shelves configuration panel, as follows:

YDL Menu ==> Configuration ==> Shelves

Using this interface for configuration, you may:

  • Add a second, third, ... or fifth Shelf.
  • Configure the placement, size, and Shelf skin.
  • Enable or Disable Gadgets, such as the default Screenshot and Analog Clock.

Note that Modules must first be made available to the Shelf by Enabling them.

YDL Menu ==> Configuration ==> Modules

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