IBM PXCAB PowerXCell 8i

Fixstars supports the PXCAB as resold by all IBM Business Partners, including Mercury Computer and Fixstars of Japan.

IBM BladeCenter QS2x

Fixstars supports the QS22 as resold by all IBM Business Partners, including Mercury Computer and Argo Graphics of Japan.

IBM BladeCenter JS2x

Guide to Installation

IBM System p p510, 520, 540

Guide to Installation

IBM ATX Reference Board "Maple-D" 970FX

Terra Soft was contracted by IBM to prepare a Board Support Package for the Maple-D. This board is no longer supported, but the original BSP remains available via HPC accounts.

Device support common to many systems

  • Audio (sound): Audio functions with all known systems with the release of YDL v4.1 and forward, unless otherwise stated above.
  • Sleep: Sleep functions on portables with ATI video cards, unless otherwise stated above.
  • 10/100/1000 ethernet: All on-board ethernet cards are fully supported unless otherwise stated above.
  • Wireless: The 802.11b and 802.11g protocols are supported.

    Apple's original Airports is fully, automatically supported. Apple's Airport Extreme is also supported with the release of YDL v5.0 and forware. However, to gain functionality, the end-user must copy a section of code from OSX to Linux, as explained in the HOWTOS.

    Some PCMCIA Wi-Fi cards and USB Wi-Fi keys may be supported. Review the HOWTOS for more information.

  • MODEMS: Modern MODEMS do not often function due to a transition (early 2000s) from 'hardware' MODEMs to 'software' MODEMs which rely upon proprietary algorithms to simulate what used to be physical hardware, reducing the cost of manufacturing. Software MODEMs are challenging, sometimes impossible to reverse engineer, resulting in lack of support. There are some external USB modems which may function under Linux. A Google open_in_new search will provide current information.
  • Bluetooth: While supported with YDL v4.0 and forward, this does not ensure all Bluetooth devices will function. Refer to the HOWTOs for more information.
  • USB and FireWire: This protocol is fully supported for data transfer, but not booting. However, the driver correlating to the USB or FireWire device must be present and functional in order to gain functionality. Most USB devices will be readily available through the Desktop Manager as a mountable device when attached.
  • DVD, Super-drive: YDL offers boot and data transfer support for these removable devices. DVD movies may be played using freely available, 3rd party software. However, use of this software may be deemed illegal by certain regulatory agencies.
  • CPUs: Single, dual, quad, and mult-core (Cell) CPUs are fully supported.
  • PCMCIA: These expansion ports are fully supported. However, the driver (and sometimes firmware) correlating to the PCMCIA card must be present in order for YDL to offer functionality. The Yellow Dog HOWTOs offer instruction for particular PCMCIA cards, or post a query on the yellowdog-general list.
  • PCI/AGP: These slots are fully supported. However, the driver correlating to the PCI/AGP card must be present and functional (for YDL) in order to gain functionality. Note that x86 graphics cards do not readily function in a Power architecture system without eumulation at the firmware level.
  • ATA, SATA, SCSI: Fully supported.

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