The Life Cycle of the Yellow Dog®

In the following we share with you an introduction to the life cycle of Yellow Dog Linux as it relates to existing computers, new models, and how you as an end-user can remain in-the-know, your computer updated and supported.

  1. Make Certain your Hardware is Supported
    Always visit the hardware pages before downloading Yellow Dog Linux. On these pages are specific details relating to each model of computer supported by the most current, shipping version of Yellow Dog Linux. And sometimes, there are little things that can become big problems if not addressed up front.
  2. Review the Technical Advisories
    Best to review the Technical Advisories before you install.
  3. Download YDL
    Once you have determined that your computer is supported to the level you desire, you download Yellow Dog Linux via the public mirrors.
  4. Install YDL
    Follow the Guide to Installation for your specific hardware and version of Yellow Dog Linux. If you get stuck, both Free and Fee based installation support are available to you.
  5. Configure YDL
    Configure your personal desktop, applications, and appliances.
  6. Want to learn HOWTO?
    Review the HOWTOs for additional configurations, adaptations, and rather unique solutions as prepared by the Fixstars Staff and YDL users just like you.
  7. Update YDL
    While Linux just runs, and runs, ... and keeps on running, it is nice to know you have the most current, fastest, secure software installed. Update your entire installation or just individual applications.
  8. Join a Mailing List or Forum
    Join the YDL mailing lists or YDL Board to ask questions, share your experience, and to learn from other YDL users.

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