Install, Remove, Update Applications

Install or Remove Applications

You may add or remove applications to an installed Yellow Dog Linux system using the application the "Package Manager" which is found via YDL Menu --> Applications --> System Tools --> Add/Remove Software.

When using the Package Manager, be very careful! If you deselect a package set and commit the chance, it will remove the entire package set from your local installation. This can be rather dangerous for you could inadvertently render your system useless if not careful. ALWAYS pay attention to the full list of items to be removed before acknowledging the modification.

Update Installed Applications

"Updating" software means replacing an installed application with the latest version. You can use one of the 3 methods below:

Fully-Automated method:

Use Software Updater (pup, or "Package UPdater") found in via YDL Menu --> Applications --> System Tools --> Software Updater. Software Updater automates the process of updating installed packages by comparing those packages installed on your local computer and those available to you. You are then given option to download and install all packages which have available, newer versions.

Semi-Automated method:

(See Minor Version Upgrade, below.)

Fully manual method:

Use your Enhanced account or the public mirrors to manually FTP download the most current updates.

Minor (dot release) Version Upgrade

If you desire to upgrade from YDL v6.x to YDL v6.y (for example), this is most easily done through the use of yum, as follows:

  1. Launch a terminal:
    YDL Menu --> Accessories --> Terminal
  2. Login as root:
    su - [ENTER]
  3. Configure yum
  4. Then upgrade the packages:
    yum upgrade [ENTER]
  5. Reboot.

Major Version Upgrade

When upgrading from one version of Yellow Dog Linux to the next, for instance, from YDL v5.0.1 to YDL v6.0, it is best to reinstall the entire OS. Before you do this, it is prudent to backup your /home/[username]/ directory to an external storage device.

To back up your home directory:

  1. You may use the Nautilus file manager (found by default on Virtual Desktop 0) to create an archive of /home/[username].
  2. Copy the archive to an external storage device (ie: USB thumbdrive or DVD).
  3. Install the new OS version ... and while you are at it, create a unique /home dir so that in the future, you do not have to format /home when you upgrade the OS. Be certain to use the exact same username when adding your user accounts to the new OS installation.
  4. Copy the archive from the external storage device back to the internal drive.
  5. Rename the new /home/[username] directory to /home/[username].new.
  6. Extract the archive which will restore your /home/username/ directory--and you should be good to go.

Errata (Updates & Security Patches)

Errata offer security updates and bug fixes, generated by the community of Linux users, pushed back up their associated authors for review and approval, and then released. Fixstars rebuilds the errata into official Yellow Dog Linux RPMs. You may download each new application using apt-get, yum, or with an FTP client.

Yellow Dog Linux 6.1 (no longer supported)
Yellow Dog Linux v.6.1 Errata

Yellow Dog Linux 6.0 (no longer supported)
Yellow Dog Linux v6.0 Errata

Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 (no longer supported)
Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 Errata

Yellow Dog Linux 4.1 (no longer supported)
Yellow Dog Linux v4.1 Errata

Yellow Dog Linux v4.0-4.0.1 (no longer supported)
Yellow Dog Linux v4.0 Errata

Yellow Dog Linux v3.x (no longer supported)
Yellow Dog Linux v3.0-3.0.1 Errata

Yellow Dog Linux v2.x (no longer supported)
Yellow Dog Linux 2.3 Errata
Yellow Dog Linux 2.2 Errata
Yellow Dog Linux 2.1 Errata
Yellow Dog Linux 2.0 Errata

Champion Server (no longer supported)
Champion Server 1.2 Errata
Champion Server 1.1 Errata
Champion Server 1.0 Errata

* Fixstars maintains an End of Life Policy of one (1) year from the date of product launch (when it is first made available for download or purchase from Fixstars' on-line Store) or three (3) months following the launch of the next release, which ever is longer. At this point in time, the errata for this particular product will no longer be maintained and will be listed as unsupported.


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