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The following have been composed by Fixstars staff or associates of the YDL Community and are specific to Yellow Dog Linux. These HOWTOs, in general, refer to installations newer than and including YDL 2.1.

TOPIC: Set system time via network and then set the hardware clock

If you are not on-line:

  1. From within KDE, right-click on the Clock, found on the K-Panel.
  2. Select 'Adjust date & time'.
  3. Set the timezone and date appropriately.
  4. Select 'Apply' and then 'Ok'.
  5. Close this application.

If you are on-line:

  1. Launch a Konsole window (terminal).
  2. Login as root (su).
  3. One of the easist ways to sync your computer's clock is to connect to a network time server. There are a number of time servers on the internet such as and that you can connect to. To set your computer's time via one of these network servers, use the rdate command such as below:

    /usr/bin/rdate -s

    Your computer clock should properly display the current time after performing this operation. However, rdate does not set the hardware clock inside of your computer.

    Once the time has been set in software, you need to set the hardware clock to ensure that Yellow Dog Linux continues to maintain a proper time. To update your hardware clock based upon the new time you set via rdate, run the following:

    /sbin/hwclock --systohc

  4. Type 'exit' to exit 'su' and then again to close the terminal.

This HOWTO was written by Kai Staats, Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.

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