Enlightenment is simply put, beautiful. Not too heavy on the eye candy. Nor too light on ergonomics and function, Enlightenment is a blend of speed, efficiency, and end-user pleasure. Enlightenment provides an advanced end-user experience through the Enlightenment Window Manager and the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.

Complete customization

E is the desktop that the others aspire to be, offering a level of comfort and efficiency like none other. From unique animated login screens and desktops to the familiar keyboard and mouse bindings, E is simultaneously surprising and familiar.

Responsive to change.

When configuring the Application Launcher bar, changes take effect immediately--even when you just edit a file by hand.

More desktops than necessary.

E supports up to 144 desktops with cross-desktop application drag-n-drop and desktop sliding for a multiplicity of desktop power.

Quickly installed, easily managed Modules

The Module extensions to E may provide something as simple as an analog or digital clock for the E Shelf, or as profound as a spring rain across your desktop. The default Epplets include: Alarm, Battery, Clock, CPU & CPUFreq, Deskshow (an app switching utility), Mail notification, Memory usage, Moon phases, Net and WLAN usage, desktop Pager, Rain & Snow, Screenshot, Slideshow, Temperature, Uptime, Weather, and Window Selector.

Easy and safe desktop restart.

If something goes wrong with E17, it catches its own crash and gives the option to restart, meaning you don't lose your apps nor open files and the system reloads just as it was. In fact, you can elect to "Restart Enlightenment" when ever you choose, just to tidy up a bit or to validate changes made to your desktop environment.

Less power. More POWER!

Enlightenment E17 is less resource hungry and faster than KDE and Gnome. A great deal of effort is spent reducing the CPU resource consumption. This is perfectly matched to the PS3 which has just 256MB RAM.


Through the development of the DR17 Desktop Shell (E17), the Enlightenment development team headed by Carsten "Rasterman" Haitzler, has created an entirely new set of libraries and tools which provide more power and flexibility than any other group of graphical libraries available. Collectively these are referred to as The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. It is the goal of the developers to offer libraries that are extremely easy to use and optimized, saving development time and effort while improving the end-user experience with a powerful thematic, integrated interface. The end result is an incredible, growing suite of tools and applications.


E17 (DR17) is the next-generation window manager for Enlightenment. It does not use any advanced X extensions central to some new X servers as it strives to be backwards compatible to all X servers, even on older hardware. E17 is designed to function on small, limited processing power devices as well as the most powerful of modern systems. Neither is E17 the leanest nor fastest window manager, instead striving to maintain a balance between speed, footprint, and interface elegance.

A quick history ...

The Enlightenment Window Manager (DR16) was first released in 1997 by Carsten "Rasterman" Haitzler, revolutionizing the face of desktops for UNIX, Linux, and beyond. Featuring a more graphically stimulating enviroment than previously seen on a conventional desktop, Enlightenment is often emulated as it drives graphical appeal on desktops everywhere.


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