What is Yellow Dog Linux?

We have been offering Linux environments primarily for CPUs based on the POWER architecture such as Freescale PowerPC, STI Cell Broadband Engine, and IBM POWER. In recent news, Fixstars equipped the US Air Force with a supercomputer made out of 2200 interconnected PlayStation 3's. In this system, Yellow Dog Linux was used throughout.


Features of Yellow Dog Linux 7

After a four year hiatus, Yellow Dog Linux is back for POWER! Supporting the latest IBM Yellow Dog Appliance Server, Yellow Dog Linux brings the reliability and functionality of Enterprise Linux 6 along with enhanced features for POWER7 in a 100% open source and free-as-in-beer offering. The following are the versions of the main packages included with Yellow Dog Linux 7:


kernel 2.6.32


gcc 4.4.6 and 4.7.0


glibc 2.12

What is included?

Yellow Dog Linux combines a no non-sense graphical installer with support for a wide range of Power hardware, leading (but not bleeding) edge kernels and stable, functional compilers for code development. And of course, the foundation applications and servers expected for web, database, email, and network services. Greater than 2000 packages are included on the Install DVD.

A history of dedication and innovation.

YDL v6.1 brings to close a decade of support for the Power architecture by Terra Soft while introducing Fixstars' first release. What's more, YDL v6.1 expands support for Cell development with the introduction of the IBM Cell SDK v3.1, Barcelona Superscalar, and a suite of updated developer tools while maintaining the E17 desktop for a rich, dynamic, and powerful end user experience.


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