Open-source Computer Vision Library for your PS3

Fixstars, a long-time supporter of the open-source community, ported to Cell the OpenCV computer vision library originally developed by Intel. This on-going project, named "OpenCV on the Cell," was started in 2007 in conjunction with Sony. OpenCV on the Cell, which runs on PLAYSTATION 3, provides a wealth of APIs for computer vision, including:

  • Object Identification
  • Face Recognition (pictured on right)
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Motion Tracking

In addition to porting the OpenCV library to Cell, Fixstars developed "CVCell," an acceleration module which is free for commercial and research use under a BSD license. By installing CVCell with the OpenCV library, users are able to realize acceleration up to ten times. In internal tests of the processing time of major OpenCV APIs, Fixstars found the performance of a PS3 using the CVCell module was up to 27 times faster than a PC equipped with the Intel Core2Duo.

To obtain OpenCV resources, visit open_in_new.

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