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Fixstars offers end-to-end service for high performance multi-core processing systems for a wide range of industry applications.

Our Strengths



Fixstars' development team consists of engineers with diverse backgrounds in areas such as image processing, signal processing, compilers, operating systems, database, mathematics, codecs, and ray tracing. Moreover, our engineers possess superior programming skills for the development of software on x86, GPU, POWER, ARM, Cell/B.E. and other multi-core processors. Finally, with our years of business experience in finance, life sciences, manufacturing, and communications, we are familiar with the specifications and requirements needs in these fields. As a result, we are able to quickly respond to your needs and to help you move your projects forward.



The benefits of multi-core processing are widely accepted, but the knowledge, technology, experience, and the associated support is invaluable for good software development. Fixstars has provided software development support for multi-core environments to businesses and research facilities all over the world in fields such as finance, life sciences, industrial machinery, automotives, communications, broadcasting, and digital content creation. Fixstars continues to hold strong partnerships with many of these organizations.



While offering the industry's leading multi-core software development services, Fixstars has also focused its efforts on improving development efficiency and providing ways of applying effectively software components. M³ is all this rolled into one. M³ is the middleware that allows you to develop software coded for parallel processing for a number of different platforms, at the lowest possible cost to you. M³ makes is possible to improve software development efficiency and get the most out of multi-core capabilities, while keeping program portability.

Our Services


M³ Technical Support

From installation support and application consulting, to training of your development staff, we offer a wide spectrum of support services associated with the M³ product. In addition, we are able to provide customization such as modifying the M³ framework to suite your usage, or implementing and appending customized libraries. We are also able to provide after-sales support in areas such as quality control and management of maintenance updates for mainstream software.


Processor Evaluation

Best suited service during the research phase. By analyzing any portion of your existing code or pseudocode (which can be publicly available open source code that mirrors the algorithm or code that you wish to use) we can provide recommendations as to which processor architecture is best suited for your application. If you already have a multi-core processor that you are planning to use, we can provide concrete quantitative computations for the level of performance increase you can expect to gain with that processor.


Software Development and Optimization

Best suited service during the product development phase. We can port your existing source code onto any of the latest multi-core processors such as the x86 CPU, IBM POWER, GPU, FPGA or DSP, and perform targeted optimization for them. For mainstream software products, we can help you create test plans according to your specifications, and implement and execute testing as needed. We have extensive consulting and development support experience with optimizing source code for our clients. In addition, we can assist clients with developing specifications and requirements at the early planning stages of a project.


OS Firmware Development Support

Yellow Dog Linux, developed by Fixstars, is a Linux distribution operating system backed by over 10 years of history. Leveraging this expertise, we are able to provide you with exceptional support for the development and customization of pre-installed multi-core processors, OS or firmware; as well as development of device drivers.


System Configuration

We provide sales and installation support for pre-loaded multi-core servers and motherboards. We also provide pre-configured cluster systems (systems with several connected nodes), tune the performance of the associated network, and even design and set up monitoring systems. We have experience with projects for mission critical applications in such fields as securities, electronics manufacturing, and military agencies.


Training for Software Developers

We offer training for programming languages and development tools for multi-core software developers in M³, Intel Software Development Tools, OpenCL, and CUDA. Training is available both on-site and off-site.



In addition, Fixstars is available to provide you with support at every stage. From research to product development, we are here to help you. Please contact us here for more details about our services and customized solutions.


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