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Fixstars has been a key contributor to the OpenCL specification since its inception and ratification by the Khronos group. Authors of the highly-regarded and most widely read book on OpenCL, The OpenCL Programming Book, Fixstars has unique and broad ranging experience with parallelization, optimization, and computing in heterogeneous environments. As developers of the highly-optimized computing platform, M³, Fixstars has deep technical abilities in image processing, computer vision, and financial simulations.



At Fixstars, our engineers and developers are constantly pushing the boundaries to achieve the most effective and efficient use of computing power. This often results in the development of additional solutions, such as the highly-optimized M³ software platform, our own original OpenCL compiler, FOXC, and the patent-pending technological breakthroughs found in our packaged software. Learn how you can take advantage of OpenCL on FPGA by attending one of our highly-acclaimed seminars.



Whether designing from the ground up, or providing technical advice on a project in development, we believe in designing software that exceeds expectations. This is evident in the partnerships we develop, the solutions we create, and the testimonials we receive. Let us talk with you about how we can help you achieve more using OpenCL on FPGA.


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