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Software Acceleration

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Service Overview

With software acceleration, your software will function at high speeds, leading to maximum efficiency. In order to do so, our engineers will identify the bottleneck issues in your software source code. From there, we will create the best possible plan to install software acceleration.

Acceleration Workflow.

Accelerate your software with us! You, the customer, will share your software’s source code with us. Then, we will fix the bottleneck issues, and help your software reach faster speed than ever before. And finally, we will return the new and improved source code, along with an accelerated algorithm.

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2-week free consultation
  • Identify bottlenecks and create acceleration proposals
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  • Improve and develop algorithm
  • Optimize hardware
  • Create reports
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  • Q&A for reports and code
  • Support for integration into actual products

Fixstars' Strengths

Fixstars is a group of software acceleration experts who can maximize computer performance.

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Hardware Expertise

Certain software development requires an advanced level of hardware knowledge. Our team will identify the best possible hardware for you (and your business), and develop a software that will compliment it.

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Capability to implement algorithm

We combine our knowledge of hardware and algorithms to accelerate your software. In order to do so, we optimize the algorithm to match the functioning hardware.

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Specialized domain knowledge

We at Fixstars use our specialized domain knowledge to evaluate case studies and research papers. Our team identifies the most suitable technologies for the product you would like to develop. We also provide total support throughout development and the actual implementation.

Service Area

Embedded Software Acceleration
Image Processing Algorithm Development
Distributed Parallel System Development
GPU Acceleration
FPGA System Development
Quantum Computing
AI and Deep Learning
Automotive Software Development
Firmware Development for Flash Memory