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Research Engineering

Fixstars offers end-to-end service for high performance, multi-core processing systems for a wide range of industry applications, including military, neuroscience, etc.

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Speed-up your research

Software acceleration can benefit many different types of research institutes, as it will maximize efficiency and ultimately reduce operational costs. However, certain institutes might not have the means to do so.


Case Study

Creating a new Prototype Demo System about a Machine Learning-Based Image Processing Application within 2 Months.
Our client struggled to translate their research findings into product development. This was due to internal promotion structures and technology gaps. To mitigate that, we developed a cloud-based demo application, which enabled the technology to run X amount of times faster than before. After several weeks of performance, our client decided to adopt a company-wide AI Strategy Unit to educate and introduce the research results to a wider audience in the field.
Implementation of a Service-in-Vehicle IoT Cloud within 6 Months.
Our client was attempting to launch a vehicle IoT cloud for their proof-of-concept project for their own customer. Our engineers helped architect and implement a production-level IoT platform from our client’s research-based programs. Our client successfully kicked-off a field test on schedule, with successful, real-time vehicle behavior retrieval.

Why Fixstars?


Strong Design and Implementation Skills

Our engineers are well trained to design and implement not only embedded systems, but also cloud systems. We support numerous programming languages, such as C, C++, Java, Python, .NET, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, Rust, CUDA, OpenCL, and more to develop your applications. Our team will choose the best practice based on what will benefit you the most.


Effective Project Management

Our software management is unique, in that we dive into the details of your project requirements and goals, while treating your project as if it were our own. Using our project management, you will have full supervision and control over your projects, as we will share goals, progress, and demos of the projects via regulated status meetings.


Quality of Software

We commit our source code to our customers’ well-known products, as well as popular open source projects. To ensure software quality, we put together experienced software engineering teams and leverage modern testing methodologies and technologies like Sider Scan, which is an AI code review service that detects copy and paste in projects and notifies you of potential code errors. Sider Scan also never shuts off, as it functions 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year.

Our Process

  1. Free, 2 Week Consultation
    You will discuss with us your research project’s objectives and goals via web conference, phone call, or in person meeting. Your choice.
  2. Proposal for Research Acceleration
    Based on our consultation, we will offer a proposal for how we plan to implement software acceleration to help your project. In this stage, we will reveal your system’s bottleneck issues and the acceleration’s prospect.
  3. Implementation and Delivery
    Our engineers will implement the new and improved software, so it can perform at the most optimal level.
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