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Research Engineering

Fixstars offers end-to-end service for high performance multi-core processing systems for a wide range of industry applications.

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Speed-up your research

Many research institutes face problems to accelerate their research. Our research engineering team contributes to speeding-up your research by rapid prototyping, productization, and acceleration of your research systems. We will bridge the gap between your research and product development with our skillful software engineers.


Case Study

2 months to prototype a demo system about an ML-based image processing application
The research institute client was having difficulty translating their research findings into product development due to internal promotion structures and technology gaps. Therefore, Fixstars Solutions designed a strategy to help the client achieve its goals and developed a cloud-based demo application that made it easy for anyone to experience the technology speeds. After several weeks of roadshows, it was decided that a company-wide AI Strategy Unit would take over this effort to educate and introduce the research results to a wider audience in the field.
6 months to service-in vehicle IoT cloud
Our client needed to quickly launch a vehicle IoT cloud for their proof-of-concept project with their customer. Skillful Fixstars engineers helped them architect and implement a production-level IoT platform from their research-based programs. They could kicked-off a field test on schedule with successful real-time vehicle behavior retrieval.

Why Fixstars?


Strong design and implementation skills

Our engineers are well-trained to design and implement not only embedded systems but also cloud systems. We support many programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, .NET, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, Rust, CUDA, OpenCL etc. to develop your applications. Our engineering team will offer the best practice based on your requirements.


Effective project management

Our software management is unique. We will deeply understand your project requirements and goals, and lead your projects as if we are a owner of the project. You can easily supervise your projects by our project management where we show and visualize goals/progress/demo of the projects in regular status update meetings.


Software quality

Fixstars committed their source code to well-known products of our customers' as well as famous open source projects. To ensure software quality, we form well-trained engineering teams and leverage modern testing methodologies and technologies like Sider Scan that is an AI code review service that detects copy and paste in a project 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and notifies you of potential code errors.


  1. Free consultation
    We will understand your requirements in a web conference, phone call, or face to face meeting; Whichever you want.
  2. Proposal of your research acceleration
    Based on the consultation, we will offer a proposal for your research acceleration. In most cases, we will show you the bottleneck of your system and prospect of the acceleration.
  3. Implementation & Delivery
    Our skillful engineers will implement the software with the required performance and deliver it on an agreed upon timeline.
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