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We are software development experts devoted to "Speed up your Business", helping Fortune Global 500 companies and top notch research institutes.

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Cloud Optimization

Fixstars offers comprehensive software development service for cloud systems to improve performance at a lower cost.

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Software Acceleration

In Fixstars, our engineers interview customers to clarify the issues and problems that need to be overcome in order to achieve the software acceleration.

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Research Engineering

Fixstars offers end-to-end service for high performance multi-core processing systems for a wide range of industry applications.

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Featured product

The OpenCL Programming Book

The book starts with the basics of parallelization, covers the main concepts, grammar, and setting up a development environment for OpenCL, concluding with source-code walkthroughs of the FFT and Mersenne Twister algorithms written in OpenCL. It is highly recommended for those wishing to get started on programming in OpenCL.

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"Fixstars is a skilled OpenCL practitioner and is ideally qualified to create state-of-the-art OpenCL educational materials. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone looking to understand and start using the amazing power of OpenCL."

- Neil Trevett, President, The Khronos Group
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