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Multi-Core Parallelization

Advancing the World of Computer Programming

Multi-Core Parallel Programming is a software acceleration pattern you can use to save time, while maximizing your software's efficiency. Multi-Core Parallel Programming utilizes modern multi-core CPUs found in common, commodity hardware by executing software simultaneously. Enjoy software acceleration, while retaining perfect accuracy and portability.


The Parallel Computer Suited Perfectly for Image Processing

SIMD stands for Single Instruction Multiple Data, which executes multiple computations in a single computation cycle supported by modern CPUs. SIMDization is a form of software acceleration using SIMD hardware, and Fixstars has the expertise to identify and accelerate the most suitable tasks for parallelism and will implement them in your software. It is ideal for accelerating specialized problems characterized by a high degree of regularity such as matrix operations and imaging processing.


The Software Programming Designed for GPUs

Compute Unified Device Architecture, or CUDA, is the software acceleration programming model and platform designed for computing with NVIDIA Graphic Processing Units (GPUs). CUDA software acceleration offloads the task to your GPU, which can dramatically shorten the amount of time required to perform compute-intensive tasks such as deep learning.


Gain an Edge Over Traditional CPUs

GPUs are specialized processors created to work in parallel with each other. While CPUs are designed for general tasks, GPUs are designed for specific, highly repetitive tasks such as deep learning and image processing. GPUs boast software acceleration that CPUs cannot offer, as they are, on average, 10x faster than CPUs. Using multiple GPUs operating in parallel and multi-core parallelization, you can accelerate your software by processing significantly more data than multiple CPUs or a single GPU alone.


Streamlining Heterogeneous Computing

OpenCL is Open Computing Language, which is a software acceleration framework suited for parallel programming of heterogeneous systems. OpenCL provides an effective way to program CPU + GPU type of systems, and can be installed into any computer platform. Parallel programming with OpenCL provides software acceleration and will in turn speed up any and all of your company projects. We at Fixstars have a wealth of experience with OpenCL, dating back to its introduction from the Khronos group. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to learn more via our book here 'The OpenCL Programming Book'.

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