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What is Software Acceleration?

Software Acceleration comes in many different forms, but its purpose remains the same: to help your software compute, function, and process information at an accelerated rate. Our software acceleration services are specifically designed to fit your computer, so you can get the most out of it. Whether you use High-Performance Computers, Quantum Computers, Image Pipeline Processors, NVIDIA GPUs, AI chips, or more, Fixstars can accelerate it!

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Why is Software Acceleration Important?

Software Acceleration enables your computer to process information and data at a faster rate; this is important because this will help you gain a speed and time advantage over the standard software that does not have acceleration. Software Acceleration will not only maximize your computer’s efficiency, but it can also reduce operational expenses and conserve energy, while reducing months worth of processing and computations into a matter of days.

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Who do we serve?

Are you a neuroscientist, waiting months upon months to complete the image pipeline process? Are you a car manufacturer, looking to implement the fastest, most energy efficient GPS into your products? Do you design AI or other autonomous robots that must react and function in a timely manner? The more our world relies on technology and quicker results, the more prevalent Software Acceleration becomes. If you or your company depends on software to compute and process at high speeds, or depends on energy efficiency, Software Acceleration is the solution. Our Software Acceleration Services are specifically designed for you, whatever type of software you use, or whatever your company needs may be.

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How do we Implement Software Acceleration?

Enjoy our free, 2-week consultation, where our team of experienced engineers would love to meet with you. Learn more about your company, challenges, goals, software, and what you would like to gain from Software Acceleration.

Then, our team can examine your software source code in order to gather information on what form of Software Acceleration is most suitable for you. Whether you are a neuroscientist, military personnel, quantum scientist, or business executive, our Software Acceleration is tailored to meet your needs.

After implementation, our engineers are available for any and all questions you may have.

When can we Accelerate your Software?

We can get started on your desired projects as soon as you wish. After our free, 2 week consultation, we can map out a plan on how to handle the process and an expected completion date.

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Embedded Application Acceleration

Embedded applications are all around us, as they are used in phones, electric vehicles, navigation systems and even aircraft control systems. Speed is important for certain software, such as autonomous cars, to react in real time, as every split second decision could be important. Software Acceleration also helps with saving energy, as accelerated software can elongate battery life with improved energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is important for all electronic devices, as efficiency can save battery life and ultimately consumes less energy on inference.

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