Fixstars announces the release of Expansion Microscopy Studio including the World's Fastest Deconvolution Software

November 13, 2018 |Press release

November 13th, 2018 — Cambridge, MA, USA — Fixstars Solutions Inc., a global leader in providing multi-core CPU/GPU/FPGA acceleration technology, announced today that it has released a software package for the Expansion Microscopy project which will be called “Expansion Microscopy Studio (ExM Studio)”. The software is free to use and is now available on their website: www.exm.studio . Fixstars will be accepting orders for “ExM ready” workstations/servers which will come preconfigured with ExM Studio — also available on their website.

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Expansion microscopy (ExM) is a method invented by Professor Ed Boyden (MIT) for improving the resolution of light microscopy by physically expanding biological samples. It allows investigators to identify small structures in 3-D and with a nano-scale resolution by expanding them with a polymer system [1]. In ExM, first a specimen is enlarged, then images are captured many times to cover the entire specimen with a small FOV of a microscope. As a result, you need to integrate and stitch a large number of high-resolution image files in order to get a full 3D picture. The selection of proper applications/tools to realize this is not an easy task. Moreover, the processing time from beginning to end can take several dozen hours.

Fixstars has developed a GPU/SSD accelerated image processing software for ExM over the past two years. The goal of “ExM Studio” is to provide an easy to use, high-performance tool to process a large number of image data for a life science researcher. The first version of ExM Studio has the world fastest deconvolution software that is an essential tool — not only for ExM — but also for general light-sheet microscopy. Fixstars accelerated the deconvolution process by utilizing NVIDIA GPUs and was able to achieve a speed of 54 times faster than other well-known software [2].

This is an initial release of ExM Studio. Fixstars plans to release a second version that has more features early next year. We will keep supporting life science researchers to explore the inside of cells and all other of life's building blocks.

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Technical Reference:

1. Fei Chen, Paul W. Tillberg, and Edward S. Boyden (2015), “Expansion microscopy”, Science. 347 (6221): 543–548.
2. Fixstars internal evaluation result. Visit www.exm.studio for more detail.

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