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Cloud Optimization

Fixstars offers comprehensive software development service for cloud systems to improve performance at a lower cost.

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Fixstars Cloud Optimization is...

Fixstars Cloud Optimization is the process of analyzing and reconfiguring cloud resources to keep costs down continuously. Using a cloud infrastructure can offer many benefits, but unless software optimization for the cloud, you pay too much. We will offer cost assessment and software development service without any upfront payment.


Case Study

We accelerated the image processing solution for medical diagnostic devices that require high-speed image processing capability. As a result, the customer could reduce operational expenses by 99.5%.
We accelerated the simulation system for derivative pricing running on grid servers and Xeon Phi accelerators. As a result, the customer could reduce operational expenses by 97%.
We accelerated the genomics application to detect DNA structural variation which utilizes 5,000 - 10,000 CPU cores on Windows Azure. As a result, the customer could reduce operational expenses by 90%.
We accelerated the brain mapping process and 3D image registration runs on a petascale dataset utilizing GPU and flash storage. As a result, the customer could reduce operational expenses by 98%.

Why Fixstars?


Expert in Software Acceleration

Fixstars Solutions has provided software development service specialized for high-performance system more than 10 years in Automotive, Bioinformatics, Financial and Defense industry.

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Expert in Cloud based system

Fixstars is a Silver Partner of Microsoft Azure, demonstrating our Cloud Solutions are effective in improving computing performance, reducing processing time, as well as driving down the cloud services cost.


  1. Free Assessment (1-2 weeks)
    We examine your cloud environment and source code then estimate how much you can save in operational costs by speeding up the process.
    We submit a report with our findings and estimated operating costs.
    NDA is available upon request.
  2. Sign a optimization contract
    We submit an estimation of the initial and running cost.
    If the client agrees to the amount, we conclude a optimization contract.
  3. Optimization work
    Based on the results of the assessment, we accelerate the system to achieve the target performance.
  4. Production operation
    Through the outsourcing agreement, the client pays us a reduced operating cost based on the amount of cloud usage.
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